I don’t think there is any person in this entire world who doesn’t love to have gardens. A lot of  people have them in their home and many people don’t own it. The people who cannot afford a garden is just because they are expensive. First you  have to buy land and then grow a garden in it. It can be expensive.

Since indoor gardening arrived in the market, it fulfilled many people dreams of having a garden in their home. Although it is expensive but not as expensive as an outdoor garden is. You can have an indoor garden and it is only several steps away from you.



First you have to select what type of garden you want. There are two styles of indoor gardens:

  1. Container Gardening
  2. Hydroponic or Aquaponic gardening


Container Gardening is just like as it sounds. You just have to use traditional gardening soil and simple methods to grow your plants.


Hydroponic is a special type of indoor garden in which fertilized water is used with a non soil starter for the plants. Both these methods are valuable in their own way.

  • Container gardening is beneficial for those who like to move their plans indoor or outdoor. In container Gardening you can grow any type of plant you want.
  • Hydroponic gardening is for those people who want to grow a lot of plants in a small area.


Indoor garden will be more successful if you select a space which has windows and is exposed to sunlight. Because plants need sunlight to grow faster and they become very healthy if they are exposed to proper sunlight.


Properly controlled environment is necessary for a successful indoor garden. Properly controlled environment means that you should provide required temperature and heat to the plants. You can provide perfect conditions to the plants and it is very simple. There are several steps for doing that.

  • You can try heat mats. Heat mats are installed under the soil which keeps the temperature of the soil perfect better growth of plants. You can set the temperature manually.
  • You can also try the drip system. It contains a alarm which sets the water on and off for a specific time every day. It supplies water regularly.
  • If your plants are not exposed to sunlight you can set up an artificial light system for proper growth of the plants. It is very effective.



You can grow any kind of plant you want inside your home or apartment and not only plants also vegetables. Plants include barriers, herbs and flowers etc. But you have to determine which plants will work in your garden depending on the environment you provide.

Vegetables includes tomatoes, carrots, beans etc.



You can select any kind of container you want for growing plants. They can also can also be grown in a plastic bottle, it is very simple. You just have to make sure that the containers contain holes in the bottom for proper drainage system.

Two types of containers are recommended.

  1. Plastic Containers
  2. Terra Cotta Pots


They are very useful because plastic contains moisture for a longer period of time which is very beneficial for better growth of plants.


Using these is the most attractive option because they look pretty and people love using them.



You can provide perfect atmosphere to the plants. You can buy the heat mats or automatic water supplying system but none of that will matter if you don’t provide sunlight to the plants. But,providing proper sunlight to indoor garden is not easy. That is where LED grow lights come into play.

Plants need a specific wavelength to grow proper and strong.  This wavelength is provided by the sunlight. Led grow light does the same. It provides a special type of wavelength to the plants through which they grow faster and healthier.

These lights are helpful in many ways.

  • It lowers the cost compared to an ordinary bulb which costs more than Led light.
  • The life of these lights is 12 to 18 years so you can use them for many years.
  • They are very light in weight.
  • They are just warm when touched even after many hours.
  • They pose minimum threats to the environment.

They come in three different colors. Blue, red and combination of blue and red. Each color is used for different reasons depending on the type of plant you want to grow.

  • Blue is used for young seeds and vegetables
  • Red is used for leafs.
  • Combination of Red and Blue is used for mid cycle plants.

These lights are the best option to grow plants inside. Even in very cold nights they keep the plants heated up and help them grow in any condition. They are also known as intelligent lights. You just have to install these lights above the plants so that proper light is provided to them.

You can also try LED grow lamps. Which can be used for  single or multiple plants. If you don’t have many plants and you just have two to three plants, you can use Best LED grow lights for providing proper light to the plants. Other lights are noisy like HID but LED grow lights and lamps are not noisy.

If you want a perfect indoor garden and a better look of your home, do try these steps!


Many people struggle to keep their bathrooms and kitchen appliances clean. They buy different kinds of liquids and instruments to keep them clean and they spend a lot of money on that. Some people have discovered various tricks to keep the kitchen and bathroom appliances clean. I will show you how they work in several steps.


You can clean your sink by first cleaning the chrome, simple cleaning is not enough so if you use wax paper by simply rubbing it onto the chrome, the water spots just vanishes. You get a shining chrome by simply rubbing the wax paper over it.

Other than that you can also clean many other things by using wax paper. Like microwave, fridge and juicer etc.



It looks ridiculously awful that why use a newspaper to clean the kitchen appliances? Some people will say that I am mad by suggesting this. But it really works. By cleaning the kitchen appliances with simple tap water and after that rubbing them by newspaper really helps in vanishing all the spots whether they are water spots or some other spots. It really works!

Here are some other tricks to clean other kitchen appliances.

  • You can clean the blender easily. After using it quickly pour in some water and add one drop of dish wash into the blender and turn it on for 20 seconds and it will be cleaned like it is new.
  • To clean the microwave you just have to put some wet towels inside the microwave and turn it on for 3 to 5 minutes. When the towels get fry, use them to clean the interior of the microwave.
  • To clean the jug of the coffee maker when it turns brown after some time, just put in some ice, lemon and salt in the coffee maker. Stir it for few seconds and you will get a perfectly clean jug.
  • You can easily remove the coffee stains from a cup by putting some vinegar and salt in the cup and washing it by some cloth. You will get a clean cup free of coffee stains.


Now I will show you some tricks for your bathroom:


Sit in the bathtub before buying it. Many people go for bigger bathtubs but big isn’t always enough. Just sit in the bathtub to see if it is comfortable and provides proper neck support.


Stone tiles and marbles are perfect for bathrooms because they are water resistant. Sub floor with heating coils can also be used because they keep the surface of the bathroom warm.


Hang a beautiful and stylish mirror in the bathroom because most people love to see themselves in the mirror when going for their jobs or going to school. Stylish mirrors help people look good and it can make their day better.

Here are some tricks to clean bathroom appliances:

  • To clean the bathroom surface just take 2 spoons of baking soda and 1 spoon of household ammonia and stir it into warm water. Put the solution on the surface and clean it with some cloth. you will get a clean bathroom surface.
  • You can clean your toilet by emptying a can of soda into a bowl and letting it sit for 30 minutes. After that flush it into the toilet and you will get a clean toilet.
  • The same technique can also be used by putting mouth wash instead of cola.
  • To clean shower curtains just put some vinegar onto the curtains and leave it for few minutes. After that clean it with a sponge and you will get clean curtains.
  • To clean the sink just put 2 spoons of salt into hot water and let it dissolve for few minutes. After that put it on the sink and clean it with some cloth or sponge and you will get a perfectly clean sink.
  • You can also keep glass shower doors clean by simply cleaning them with some wax paper or newspaper. This method is the simplest. It looks awful but it really works.
  • You can also clean it by simple furniture polish by polishing the doors with some cloth. It works perfectly fine.

How to keep your Kitchen Clean and Safe

Tips for a clean and safe kitchen!

Many at-home cooks might think that they know how to handle raw food and to keep their kitchen clean. They might also consider their kitchen free from germs and bacteria as they are not visible with a  naked eye. However, with a closer look, the things might not be as expected. Therefore, it is important to adopt few habits to ensure the cleanliness and safety of your kitchen.

Measure food temperature:

There are few foods like beef, steak and chicken etc that need to be cooked on a certain temperature. If these foods are not cooked properly then the bacteria they carry will still remain alive in them. Using food thermometers can solve this problem as they temperature taken will confirm if the food is cooked at the required temperature or not.

Clean sponges:

It is very important to keep the cleaners cleans. If the sponges will carry bacteria themselves then how will they clean the kitchen counters etc. So wash the sponges in a dish washer and keep them bacteria free.

Separate cutting boards and knives:

Keep separate cutting boards as well as separate knives for cutting beef and vegetables. In this way the bacteria from uncooked food will not be able to transfer into your vegetables.

Wash your hands:

Make sure to wash your hands before and after working in the kitchen. The appropriate time for washing your hands is 20 seconds. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly specially between the fingers and dry them completely after washing.

How to keep your Kitchen Clean and Safe

Keep the fridge clean:

It is not enough to clean your fridge from outside only. Wash the drawers in the fridge after every few weeks. Use hot water with any cleaning soap to wash the drawers thoroughly.

Keep the rubbish bin clean:

It is very important to wash and sanitize the rubbish bin at least once a week. Empty it completely when it starts to produce a bad small. The bad smell attracts flies and other insects so clean the bin before that and also use a lid to contain the odor. Cleaning the rubbish bin thoroughly also prevents bacteria growth.


Wash your hands

Keep the kitchen floor clean:

Wash and mop the kitchen floor regularly. Do not let the spills stay on the floor. Instead clean them as soon as it happens. It not only avoids accidents but also keeps the kitchen floor from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Wash raw foods before cutting:

It is necessary to wash the raw food thoroughly before cutting.

Keep the kitchen safe:

It is necessary to keep the kitchen safe specially for your children. In order to do that use the following tips:

  • Use cabinet latches.
  • Prefer to use microwaves if you have young children at your home.
  • Make sure to keep the food in out by yourself and do not allow your little one to do that.
  • Keep a separate section for children in the refrigerator that is easily accessible.
  • Keep the sharp knives away from children and prevent them from using those knives.

How to choose best kitchen appliances without getting nutty !

Choosing the best kitchen appliances can prove to be a hectic job. To make it easy and fun, one must first determine his budget, the type of appliances he wants in his kitchen and also the available space. These three aspects are very important.

  • If you have a high budget but a small kitchen then you cannot place big-sized appliances in your kitchen. hence, both budget and available space must be kept in mind.
  • The type of appliance you need must also be given priority as a number of options are available in the market now and only a clear description of what you need can help you to sort through the long list of available appliances.

After determining these three important aspects, one can start  looking for his kitchen appliances. The important appliances to look for are:


There are variety of ranges available in the market from standard slide-in freestanding range to vintage cast iron range. you can choose any range depending upon your budget and available space in the kitchen.


If you have selected a standard range arrangement for your kitchen then you will have to look for a separate oven as well as a cook top. This arrangement is best suited for wannabe chefs and it also provides with a wide variety of options to choose from. However, there are various other options available in the market other than from standard range arrangement.

Cook tops:

A separate cook top provides a  variety of options in designing your kitchen. Two types of cook tops have been famous i.e. electric cook top and gas cook top.

Gas cook tops:

The gas cook tops have a powerful heating source. They can easily reach up to a high temperature. As they are designed to hold up intense heat, therefore, they are made up of stainless steel and heavy-duty cast iron. These materials increase the durability of gas cook tops, allowing them to be used for years without causing problems.


Electric cook tops:

Electric cook tops are very convenient as they can be placed on any countertop. You can easily control the amount of heat by telling the exact temperature you want to cook your meal.


The main aspect to keep in mind while looking for a refrigerator is how much space is available in your kitchen and how much space do you need to store your food. There are different types of refrigerators but the most popular ones are:

  1. Counter-depth refrigerators:

If you are looking for a refrigerator that is more sleek in appearance and costs less then counter-depth refrigerator is your best option. They are available in a variety of forms, among which the one with French doors are most popular nowadays.

  1. Standard refrigerator:

It can prove to be a best choice when you are looking for more cubic storage with less width and height. They are highly affordable and are available in a variety of forms.


A microwave is an essential kitchen appliance for many households. They are available in different designs. Few types of microwaves are:

  • Built-in microwave:

They are convenient and can be easily installed in a cabinet. They can be installed in base cabinet or over built-in ovens.

  • Over-the range microwave:

It is the best option when the available space for a microwave is less. It is more suitable for an apartment or a condo. They can be easily installed under a wall cabinet.

Universally designed appliances:

It is also important to choose appliances that everyone can use. We get visitors in our home who belong to different age groups such as elderly people and young children etc. They all have different heights and mobility needs. If the appliances are installed in places that are easily accessible and safe at the same time for all the people then it can prove to be the best choice.

Eco friendly appliances:

While choosing appliances, it is also necessary to consider if the appliances are environment friendly. There are many appliances which are cheaper but are not environment friendly such as the appliances using chlorofluorocarbons. Another aspect to keep in mind is the energy consumption of the appliance.

  • If an appliance using a lot of energy then it will definitely alleviate your bills. Therefore, considering the energy output at the time of buying an appliance is very important.
  • The size of the appliance is also an important consideration. Too small as well as too big appliance consume more energy than moderately sized appliances. Therefore, size must be considered while buying an appliance.
  • Electrical appliances with the option of solar panels can prove to be a smart choice. By installing the solar panels, the cost of energy consumed by the appliance can be highly reduced.


Some Interesting Tricks For your Kitchen

Maintaining a kitchen is sometimes very difficult because it attracts a lot of moisture and moisture attracts a lot of fungal diseases. According to a research 1000 fungal diseases can take birth inside our homes and specially our kitchen.

People like to cook and they spend a lot of time in their kitchens resulting in dirtiness of the kitchen and sometimes it becomes hard to clean it up. Cleaning and keeping proper maintenance of kitchen is very important. I will show you some basic tips to maintain your kitchen.

Grating Butter

People love to have butter on their slices in the morning and eating it. People put butter in the freezer so it freezes and it becomes difficult to top it on toast. First grate the butter and then top it on toast. It becomes very easy to top it on after grating. Enjoy your brake fast with this simple trick.

Grating Butter

Broken Shell

When you are making eggs in the morning before you are going for work of school. Sometimes the broken shells drop into the bowl. Instead of fishing around with your finger, you can use the egg shell to remove the shell from the bowl. It is a very simple and basic but very effective technique.

Egg Test

This is a very interesting test of checking the freshness of the eggs. People don’t know whether the egg is fresh or not. With time air gets its way into the egg and it becomes lighter with time. But how you will know whether the egg is fresh or not?

Put the egg in a jar full of water. The heavier egg is always fresh and it will stay in the bottom of the jar. The egg which is older becomes lighter and it’s rotten. The egg which floats on the surface is the rotten one. Do not eat that! Toss it out of your home.

Egg Test

Freeze sausages

Sometimes people do not have space in their fridge for the left over sausages. They toss them out more often. I used to do it before I knew this simple technique.

Just put the left over sausages in the box of ice cubes and when you want them again, heat it up for a little time and you will get sausages just like before.

Peeling Garlic

People don’t like to peel garlic because of its smell. To prevent yourself from getting smell on your hands, follow these three steps.

  • Smash the garlic with a plate.
  • Put the garlic in a box. A plastic box or some other box.
  • Shake it for some time and you will get peeled garlic.

Reheat Pasta

Reheating pasta becomes difficult sometimes. You have to stir the pasta after some time during heating it. Just leave an empty space in between the pasta and it will help in proper heating. You don’t have to stir the pasta any more.

Store Ice cream

Store the ice cream in a plastic bag. It will help prevent the ice cream from becoming rock hard. You can enjoy your ice cream while eating it the second time.

Cutting Board

Sharp knives are never a good combination with the cutting boards. When you are cutting something on a cutting board it usually slips. To prevent it from slipping just put a towel beneath the cutting board and it will not slip. Now you can cut your vegetables with ease without having fear of slipping of the cutting board and getting yourself hurt.

Cut Your Pancake

If you have kids this technique will be very useful and handy for you. You can cut your pancake with a pizza cutter and make small slices out of it. Now it is easier for the kids to eat and it prevents your kids from getting pancake all of them.

Keep Lettuce Fresh

You can keep your lettuce fresh foe a longer period of time. Just put a dry towel over it and it will absorb the moisture present in the lettuce and it will help in keeping the lettuce fresh for longer period of time.

Roll Lemons Before Using

If you roll lemons before using them, it will get you more juice compare to simple cutting and taking out the juice. Roll them before you use them and enjoy yummy juice!

Get Chilled Wine

Instead of putting ice cubes in the wine to cool it down, Put some frozen grapes in the wine to make it chill. It tasted better and it prevents the wine from watering.

Peel Ginger

Skin of ginger looks very tuff to peel but it isn’t. You can keep your knife in the drawer for peeling a ginger. The edge of your spoon is also sharp. You can peel a ginger with the help of a spoon and reducing the chances of getting yourself hurt.

Tips/ Tricks To Keep Your Appliances Clean

Appliances are made to make you life easier. Many companies make a lot of appliances, some produce simple appliances and some produce mega appliances for mega purposes. But none of the companies provide simple tips and tricks of how to maintain your appliances.

Many companies provide the service of maintaining the appliances you purchase from them. Some of them charge a lot. So why would they show you some tricks and tips of how to maintain your appliances if they are providing the similar services and charging for those services?

I will show you some simple tips and tricks through which you can easily maintain your appliances and get them going without spending any money on the repairing services.


If your refrigerator is not cooling, clean the dirt and remove any kind of animal hair from it and if it is producing unpleasant smell, put in some baking soda and it will remove the smell.


If your dishwasher is not cleaning effectively check the temperature of the water because for effective cleaning the temperature should be 130 degrees and you should also make sure that you are using detergent with bleach for cleaning.


Washer sometime produces a very unpleasant smell. After using the water you can just leave it’s door open and you will get rid of any kind of smell while using it again the next time.


Many people face different problems while using an oven especially with temperatures. They cook different meals on the same temperature. Just check the manual provided with the oven, the company has provided different temperatures for different kinds of meals to cook. Cook your meals according to those temperatures.


Make sure that you clean your microwave after using it. Because not cleaning the microwave after using build the Greece which is dangerous for the microwave.

A General Technique

If any appliance does not work just turn it off for ten minutes and let it rest. Most of the appliances do work after turning them off for few minutes. Just try this.

Here are some other basic tips for your appliances

  • While cooking some meal in microwave or oven. Check the meal every few minutes so it cannot burn. I experienced it myself, I burnt my cake because I didn’t check it every few minutes and it destroyed all my effort in making that cake.
  • Keep the light turned on of the microwave or oven so you can regularly check the meal you are cooking in the micro wave or oven.
  • When you are cooking meat for the dinner, make sure that the cuts you make are not that thick because thicker cuts cook the meal on the outside but from inside they are not properly cooked.
  • While making citrus juice just put it in oven and heat it for 20 seconds, this will help it soften up a little bit and it will pull out all the juice from the citrus. This is a very good technique.
  • Food can dry on the walls of the microwave and sometimes it becomes very difficult to remove them from the walls of the microwave. Take a bowl of water, put some lemon in the water and put it in the microwave. Turn it on for five minutes and all the food from the walls will be removed.
  • The air we breathe inside our homes sometimes can be very harmful to us. Moisture attracts all the fungal diseases. Do not allow moisture inside your homes. Keep the moisture away because it can be very dangerous for you as well as your appliances.

Get Your Garden Going With Simple Tips!

People consider gardening a headache because it is not easy to maintain a garden. But new techniques and tips have made gardening easier than before. I will show you some very simple tricks and tips of how to maintain a garden that you can easily follow.


When the season change it becomes very difficult to dig in and remove the plants. A very simple technique can save all your time and effort.

Take a steel can, pour in some mud and drop your plants in that can, dig a hole in the garden and put that can in the hole. When the season ends you can just remove the plants from the can and put in some new one. By following this method you can save your time of digging another hole for putting in the plants for next season.

 Put in some peanuts

By putting some foam peanuts in the bottom of pots you will get better drainage and healthier plants. It works!

Put in some peanuts

Calcium Boost

This tip is really exciting. Take some egg shells and grind them. You will get a powder out of that. Sprinkle that mixture in to your garden. Your garden needs a calcium boost and it will get a calcium boost by powder of egg shells. Just like we need calcium in our body, a garden needs calcium too.

Put in some peanuts

Plastic Forks

You can keep the animals and pets from destroying your garden. Just strategically place the plastic forks in your garden and it will keep pets and animals away from your garden.

Use Rubbermaid Containers

By using Rubbermaid containers you can easily move your plants here and there because Rubbermaid containers are light weight and they are easy to carry.

Using Diapers

You can also put diapers at the bottom of the potted plant and it will retain moisture for longer period of time which will help in better growth of the plants.

Epsom Salt

Mixture of Epsom salt into water and sprinkling it into the garden can also result in better growth of the plants and a healthy garden.

Vegetable Water

Water is the most essential part of anyone’s life. Like humans garden and plants also need water. You can use vegetable cooking water to fertilize your garden and plants. Just let it cool down and then sprinkle it over the garden and it will help in better fertilization.

Citrus Peels

Instead of buying a pot or Rubbermaid containers, plants can also be grown in Citrus Peels. They help plants in better nourishment and it is also very cheap to use.

Coffee Filters

Using coffee filters will help you drain the water and it will also contain the dirt. You just have to put them in the pot above the dirt and it will work just perfectly fine.

Egg Shells

You can grow your plants in egg shells also instead of buying pots and Rubbermaid containers. Seeding the plants in egg shells will give them more calcium for growth  which plants need and they are also very cheap because everyone eat eggs. You can just save the egg shells for growing of your plants. Works perfectly fine!

Grow Roses Using Potatoes

Cut of the rose trimmings and put it in potatoes and it will help retain all the moisture it wants and it will grow roses again. It is a very exciting method and it helps a lot.

Use Empty Pots

Some plants grow deep roots like squash. But it is very difficult to provide water to the deep roots of those plants. I will show you a method of how to supply water to the deep roots. Dig a hole in your garden. Put in a empty plastic pot in the hole and plants the seeds beside the empty pot. The empty pot will act as a well and it will provide water to the deep roots.

Greenhouse Using Plastic Bottles

You can build a greenhouse in your home by very simple technique. Put a 3/4 part of plastic bottle over the pot which contains plants and it will act as a green house for your plants, resulting in better and healthier plants.

Here are some other basic techniques which will help you in maintaining your garden.

  • Water the garden in the morning. It will prevent your garden from any kind of fungal diseases and humidity.
  • By planting nectar producing plants in your garden you will be able to attract ladybugs in your garden which is very beneficial for your garden.
  • To protect your plants from frost you can put plastic containers, milk jugs and plastic bottles over your plants.
  • Water your plants deeply because by shallow watering plants make a habit to keep their roots near the surface and later they suffer when water is not provided.
  • People think that insects are harmful for the garden but it’s a fact that less than 2% of all the insects are harmful the rest are beneficial for your garden.
  • Bu pitching of flowers will help you grow more flowers at the end of the year.
  • Earthworms are beneficial for your garden and flowers. You should encourage earthworms for the better growth of your plants and soil.
  • You should do proper pest management and it will help in better soil for your garden and better growth of your plants.
  • You should rotate your soil for better growth of your plants.

All these simple techniques help a lot in many ways. Just try them in your garden and I guarantee a healthy garden in your home.



Fitness Tips And Tricks

People are dying every day because of obesity. The population of obese people is increasing day by day. Obesity is spreading mainly because of food. People love to eat fast food in breakfast, lunch or dinner. They cannot stop themselves from eating fast food. They best way for preventing themselves from obesity is exercise.

Exercise can keep people fit and it can keep people in shape. It prevents someone from having a high cholesterol and most importantly OBESITY! You don’t have to keep yourselves starving for remaining or be fit. I will share some tips and tricks so you can keep yourselves fit.

Calculate Fitness Age

First step is to calculate your fitness age. You can calculate it using VO2 MAX and your waist size. If it’s above the normal level. Quickly hit the gym.

Calculate Fitness Age

Workout With Fitter People

Always workout with people who are fitter than you. It will help you improve 20% more. I worked out with people who were fitter than me at that time. So it helped me improve a lot.

Focus When Running

When you are running just focus on the object which is far away from you and run while looking at it. It will help you get there faster. This tip really works.

Running shoes

Always use shoes which are made for running. Nike, Addidas, Puma etc make perfect shoes for running. You can buy those shoes in a very reasonable price. Use those so you can prevent yourself from any kind of serious injury.

Go To Gym

People avoid gym because they think they look funny while exercising and people will laugh at them. But remember even the Great Arnold started from zero. So you don’t have to feel ashamed while going to gym. Go to gym and work hard, it is the best way of staying fit.

Bench Press

Bench press hard and fast and it will give you extra strength and power. You will feel it!

Workout In Sun

Workout in sun and it will give you extra sweat through which you will lose extra weight.

Wear compress gear

Wear compress gear

By wearing compress gear after the workout will help in progressing faster. It will also help in making cuts in your muscles and a ripped body.

Listen to music

Listen to music while working out or running. Sometimes it will keep you motivated to workout harder. Many people listen to music for keeping themselves motivated. Because working out requires a lot of motivation.

Do Not Stop

If you gain extra pounds while you are working out, don’t get discouraged. Because sometimes people gain extra ponds while working out because working out strengthens your muscles and muscles get heavier. So when you gain weight it means that your muscles are strengthening, it does not mean that you are gaining fats.

Drink Milk

You should drink milk instead of energy drinks because muscles need milk to grow faster. If you provide your muscles with milk nutrition your muscles are more likely to grow faster and keeping your body in shape.


Resting your body is the most important phase of exercise. People workout and workout hard. But they do not rest and rest is the most important part of exercise. Because muscles need to rest for faster growth. They absorb the food from the body when body is at rest.

Eat Healthy

Healthy diet is very important for your growth. Eat healthy, avoid carbohydrate, take in a lot of proteins. Use Whey Proteins to give proper strength to your muscles. Because perfect body is always made with the help of Kitchen!